Healing Helper – Graphics for Healthcare

The idea that humans have an innate ability to find healthy natural environments beneficial for survival is called “biophilia” by scientists. This theory has been rewarded with positive emotional responses during human evolution and still exists today in some people who are able to recognize these types of landscapes as being calming or therapeutic.

Graphics that include natural landscapes have been shown to provide many benefits for healthcare environments. They can reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure while also improving moods and attitudes. One study even showed that patients who had views of nature from their hospital beds recovered faster than those who did not.

A study conducted in 2002 looked at the effects of different landscape images on people who had just undergone surgery. The results showed that patients who were exposed to images of nature scenes had significantly lower levels of anxiety and pain than those who were shown cityscapes or blank walls.

The hospital environment is an important part of service quality. The physical environment is not a mere backdrop for healthcare delivery—it is an integral part of the hospital experience. 

The built environment can influence the emotions and perceptions of patients, families and staff.

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